Studio II- Hospitality Design

PROJECT: Design a fast casual flagship for a chef. The project was executed through research, analysis, programming, conceptualization and design of the interior environment. The project includes spatial organization, anthropometrics and circulation on a large scale. Emphasis is placed on universal design for populations with special needs, children, the elderly, and the disabled.

CLIENT: Chad Robertson bakes bread from recipes perfected in France. He opened a bakery named Tartine in San Francisco as a way to share his favorite old-world recipes with the community. He believes that bread is best with dinner and unlike most bakeries he bakes during the day. This schedule allows Chad to enjoy his other obsession every morning: surfing. The combination of old and new will unify his french roots with his new favorite hobby.

Custom Banquette

CONCEPT: Balance + A day at the Beach + India Mahdavi

Dining Room