Studio III- Workplace Design

Design a workplace for a fairtrade textile company in Chihuahua, Mexico. With an emphasis on constructability and integration of electrical, mechanical and code requirements, this project expanded the understanding, application and communication of lighting, color, materials, technology and structure through construction documents and specifications.

MZ is a fair trade textiles company in Oaxaca, Mexico. They design and create handbags, backpacks, pillows, rugs, and other accessories. Shelley created MZ under the pledge and belief that business has the power to positively change peoples lives. Shelley’s idea flowered into a business that allows for women, who have never left the state, to create Zapotec bags on a global scale.

CONCEPT: Integrated Layers The concept of integrated layers expresses the brand culture that brings employees to work every day. The Tarahumara people have a co-operative culture where working together is essential for the survival of the group. Focusing on the sense of belonging, this workplace should evoke warmth and familiarity, like being welcomed home. Inspired by their love for their land, the design is reminiscent of the layers of sedimentary rock found in the canyons of the Chihuahua desert. Drawing from these elements, the interior spaces incorporate the landscape and culture through the use of rhythmic forms, native colors, and naturalistic materials to create a sense of warmth and security for its users.

Designer Work Space
Digital Design Space
Small Conference Room

Revit and Photoshop